“I am totally blown away by the skin program. It is one of the most miraculous things I have seen in 40 years of medicine. Literally, it is better than laser or a facelift. With just four treatments it evens out pigment and removes wrinkles effortlessly. My wife is also amazed.”

–Dr. Stephen Kimberley, M.D.

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The skin care industry is saturated with so-called wrinkle vanishing creams. Unfortunately, most of these products that tout instant results contain magnesium aluminum silicate or sodium silicate. These are synthetic ingredients that can irritate the skin, cause inflammation, and excessive

Each product in the Q Private Collection is 100% free of all silicates and other harmful
synthetic ingredients!

Q Cleanser quintessentially formulated, this gentle cleanser incorporates Dead Sea salt and prepares your skin for the next Q Private Collection skin-rejuvenating steps, while castor oil, chamomile, and ginger assure proper moisture balance. This formulation is suitable for all skin types and will leave your skin bright and clean.
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Q Mask is formulated with 100% natural ingredients to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate the creation of new, healthy cells; producing collagen and elastin to plump the skin; and generate supporting fibers that eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, Q Mask has an accumulative effect, so the more you use it, the brighter and healthier your skin appears. When combined with the synergistic effects of the complete Q Private Collection skin care line, Q Mask helps reverse the signs of aging for a more radiant and youthful complexion.
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Q Lift quintessentially formulated, produces an age-defying facelift in just three minutes with an all-natural blend of ingredients to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and permanently improve the texture, tone, and overall appearance of your skin. So gentle and safe, it can be used daily.
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Q Day Cream quintessentially formulated with aloe vera, jojoba, and borage seed oils, vitamin E, and Dead Sea minerals, which provides your skin with essential anti-aging moisture. Q Day Cream is easily absorbed and the all-natural ingredients work synergistically to provide a healthy, youthful radiance.
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Q Night Cream quintessentially formulated with an exquisite blend of rich avocado oil, calendula oil, and shea butter, with an abundance of anti-aging vitamins A and E. Combined in a rich anti-aging cream, they drench the skin with moisture binding ingredients as it repairs and restores your skin each night.
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R E V E A L   Y O U R   Y O U T H

Reveal your youth with our Q Private Collection — an assortment of exclusive, 100% natural skin care products that clean, tighten, lift, and moisturize the skin for a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Because we’ve all experienced that moment when a glance in the mirror reveals someone a little older than you —a wrinkle you never noticed before or a line that appears a little more abrupt today than it did yesterday — the Q Private Collection gives you the confidence to live as young as you feel.

Just look at the results:

B E F O R E   A N D   A F T E R



You can truly fight the aging process with Q Mask and Q Lift, natural wrinkle eliminators that provide you with an instant face lift any time you apply them. Even better, both are completely free of harmful synthetic ingredients. Just apply Q Mask and Q Lift and feel it eliminate or significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in minutes.


Meet the true game changers in the Q Private Collection.

Quintessentially formulated with hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells, peptides, elastin and collagen, Q Mask eliminates the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes, revealing the skin your youth. Designed to be used daily for optimal results.

B E F O R E   A N D   A F T E R



Q Mask uses all natural ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate the creation of new, healthy cells and triggers our bodies production of collagen and elastin which plumps the skin. Simultaneously, plant stem cells and peptides activate the skin's connective fibers culminating the significant reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles naturally. Plus, Q Mask has an accumulative effect so the more you use it the tighter and healthier your skin becomes.

Quintessentially formulated, Q Lift produces an age-defying face lift with an all natural blend of ingredients to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and improving the texture, tone and overall appearance of skin.

Q Lift allows you to target specific areas of the face to instantly tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Unlike so-called similar products, Q Lift does not contain any silicates or harmful ingredients. Q Lift's revolutionary natural formula was created for daily use without any worries about irritation, dry skin, or side effects.

B E F O R E   A N D   A F T E R


Watch the video below to learn how to apply Q Lift and Q Mask